Being born and raised in London we've been influenced by a cultural melting pot, from the 270 different nationalities living on our doorstep, to our own mixed and varied heritage. This prompted a desire to explore the world and led to a shared love of travel. In our five years together, we've been fortunate enough to visit over twenty countries across four continents. unashamedly led by our stomachs. We are massive foodies, tasting our way around the world. You could often find us sampling spices in a Souk or huddled under a rainy street food cart somewhere. 

But... living in what we would call the most vibrant city in the world can also have its challenges. Sky-high rents, an inflated economy and one of the most competitive job markets in the world are a pretty daunting prospect for most twenty-something Londoners. People dream of doing the things they love, whilst earning enough to live comfortably in London, but for many this stays just that – a dream. However, there is a growing minority who are challenging this narrative. 

And that’s pretty much how our story goes. After almost a decade of work and study we became increasingly frustrated with the monotony of day-to-day life. We found ourselves never having the time or money  to do the things we enjoy. Being passionate foodies with experience in the catering industry, we'd dreamt of running our own business for years, but taking a leap into the unknown was a big risk. 

That was two years ago. Since then, we've gone from cooking for friends in our home kitchen to feeding thousands at Notting Hill Carnival, rainy days at markets and lunches for royalty. In the midst of all this, we even started a family with the birth of our baby girl this summer! We love what we do, and we would love for you to share in our adventure.

This is the story of one couple's love of food and travel, along with the trials and tribulations of starting a business. Stick around for updates, recipes and suggestions on the best eats in London and abroad.


-- Ayden & Jasmine xx